Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

IMPORTANT - Module Obsolete: The functionality of this module has been absorbed into the Crowd Push and Provisioning project.

This module updates the submission handler and validation rules for the user registration form so that new user registrations will be synced to a Crowd SSO server. The main Crowd SSO module is required.

Upon user registration the module implements the following logic:

  1. Submitted details are validated against both Drupal and Crowd to ensure no username or password info is duplicated.
  2. A new user is created in both Drupal and Crowd and the locally created Drupal user account is linked to Crowd via the authmap table.
  3. The user is logged-in to both Drupal and Crowd after registration and a Crowd SSO token/session is generated (all the logic of crowd_login_local() from the main Crowd SSO module is run).

A couple of hooks are also available that let you trigger custom logic before and after the provisioning process:

  • hook_crowd_provisioning_preprovision() - This hook is especially useful for designating which parts of the registration form should be used for first and last name information. Crowd expects these fields to be filled-in when creating a new user, but unless you use this hook to specify where this info should come from, placeholder text of "Firstname" and "Lastname" will be used.
  • hook_crowd_provisioning_postprovision() - can be used for custom logic that must run only after the new user is created in Crowd.

See the crowd_provisioning.api.php documentation for more details.

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