Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This is a simple module that displays a stylised web link in response to a bbcode-like tag. The style of the link depends on the tag name used, so for example the tag "extlink" can look different on the page to the tag "doclink" or "email". The module therefore acts as a filter in the same way as the Drupal BBCode filter.

The module was created for a client who needed a prefix to the link which would indicate its purpose: to take you to an external site, to provide in-depth documentation, to solicit information by a form, or whatever.

The current module will be maintained as required, but at present and for its purpose it is feature complete.

I owe huge thanks to the BBCode project team on which this module is based.

List of tags supported:

  • telno: a telephone number, with or without additional text
  • email: an email address, with optional informational text
  • extlink: an external web link
  • intlink: an internal web link
  • doclink: an web link to a document, for example a PDF
  • eform: a link soliciting information, for example a webform

This module does not maintain any kind of database of used or acceptable links. It is purely a formatter of them.

Project Information