Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


Mega Dropdown module allows Drupal websites to display a menu a Mega Menu. It actually takes the concepts of the several other Mega Menus (also called Super Menus) such as Mega Menu, Giga Menu and Menu Minipanels, a step further. This module allows embedding of a Block, View, Node, or sub-menu items, on the menu. This enables placing, sub-menu content, images, text and even forms, on the menu system.


  • Turns a Drupal menu into a Mega Menu
  • No dependency on Panels (as is in the Menu Minipanels module)
  • User can configure it to display Block, View, Node or Sub-Menu - which can further display any kind of data, such as, image, links, and most importantly forms, as well
  • Theming can be done at the Menu-system level, as well as the drop-down

Who can use this menu?

The menu can be used by anyone familiar with configuring Drupal websites. Themers can easily change the look and feel of any menu item or mega dropdown using the theming functions provided.

Demo Site



  • Embedding PHP code in menu item to display data
  • Embedding mini-panels in the menu items
  • Fetch data from Taxonomy menu

Sponsorship and Development

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