Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Upload Nodes provides a simple way to download multiple files (or images) and create one node per file.

Warning : This module is in early development phase and it is strongly recommended not to use it in production sites.


This module acts in two phases:

  • Upload phase:
    • The user chooses files to upload.
    • Files are uploaded and corresponding nodes are created (one per file).
  • Edit phase:
    • The user successively edits each new node.

Upload phase provides a new form including an upload file widget (for now plupload).

The Edit phase reuses the standard node edit form with the file or image fields changed to a display widget. It will be possible to skip or disable this phase.

It will be possible to use this module for all node types that have a “file” or “image” field.


Once the module enabled, you need to have at least one content type having a file or image type field.

Go to Configuration > Media > Upload Nodes to enable or disable Upload nodes for available fields.

The temporary entry point is in the navigation menu : "Upload nodes". The "Upload nodes" page proposes a choice between the enabled fields.

Once again, this module is not for use in production !

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