Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Generic and abstract, backend agnostic storage API.

This aims to provide a fully featured storage layer, providing API's depending on the storage type you want to use:

  • Key-value storage (cache, sessions, minor business information, ...)
  • Document oriented storage
  • PubSub mecanism
  • ... and probably more!

API user can choose the type of storage he needs depending on its own business, instead of doing the opposite course of action, it then can use a business oriented, optimized yet backend agnostic storage engine.

Right now it only implements the key-value store (easiest of all) with a in-memory Array storage, database will come in second once tests are OK.

It's directly linked with D8 core issues:

In order to proove this is core agnostic (decoupled API) this works as a module on top of D7. It certaintly needs PHP 5.3 thought because future core versions will heavily rely on PHP new features.

Project information