Experimental Project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

ExactTarget email processing through the Exact Target API module.

Temporary code up there. Tested on one site for one function. Has temporary fix to work without Curl.

Note: This code was developed for one site using both ExactTarget and Mailchimp. My recommendation was to convert everything to Mailchimp because, for their use, Mailchimp is easier and cheaper. All the ExactTarget dev is on hold pending a decision on the change. If someone else wants to take over this code, I am happy to help them but I will not have an active ExactTarget account for testing.

The code sends email to ExactTarget and keeps a parallel list in Drupal so you can see the status of email while offline. ExactTarget lets you submit an email many times with the same name and content so I add the ExactTarget email id to the list.

The email is sent from a node. I use a Cel style node. The node type and other details are currently in the code. An expansion of the selection process could be to select the node type then the node.

The local processing will include Twig so you will have complete flexibility. The input to the template will include whatever the Twig7 module provides plus a hook to grab additional information. You can attach extra data to the node type outside of the email send.

Project Information