Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

We have an event that people register for as a group. In this case the group is families but it could be other groups like co-workers. When any person in the group registers for the event, they will be presented with the ability to register everyone in the group for the event. There are options that need to be specified for each individual. Each person has a PIN (Personal Identification Number), there is also a family number (address ID).

User story -
I will visit the website, type in my PIN and be able to easily register all the members of my family for an event. This will save me a great deal of time vs each member of my family logging and registering for themselves.

Acceptance test -
1. User enter PIN information.
2. The user will be presented with a list of individuals in his family.
3. We need individual options for each family member.
4. As much information as possible will be pre-filled in the form.

Currently we have a get_pin page that queries the user for their PIN number. It will then fetch the appropriate information from a external database and return information about everyone in the group. This is then displayed in a form that displays many details about user in a collapsed list. You can uncollapse and change the values in the fields. The values from the external database is stored in the session so they remain between page loads.

The next step to resolve is to store this in a node to complete the registration.

The default_value for the bullets inside a field set do not display properly. I moved the bullets to a field on their own (outside the fieldset) they work. Fetching the values from the form does not work properly, it seems to get confused and fetches only one value.

After we are can save the values into a node, the next issue is the administration. Currently it is very developer, you need to edit the config.php for the external database, you need to setup the node, so this needs an admin interface and many little issues will come up if you think about production.

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