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This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

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This module has become part of the RoyalSlider Integration as a sub-module. The development and issue tracking will continue there. This project is kept for reference only.

RoyalSlider Field module extends the RoyalSlider Integration module by adding a new field which supports images, videos (YouTube and Vimeo), additional HTML message and an option to link the slides to an internal or external URL.

  • Just download and enable the module just like any other modules.
  • Create a new "RoyalSlider Slides" field on the desired field-able entities.
  • In the field settings, select whether the Image or HTML message field should be the field to be required, if selected.
  • Select an optionset in field's display settings. Optionsets are exposed by the RoyalSlider Integration module. Go to Administration » Configuration » Media » RoyalSlider to manage available optionsets.

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