Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

A Drupal 8 module to force Config Management to compare sorted, rather than unsorted, configs for diffs.

Drupal 8 Configuration Management can be unreliable about the order of configuration keys. The official fix is coming in 8.4 (#2852557: Config export key order is not predictable, use config schema to order keys for maps), which allows config schemas to specify a field to be used for sorting.

In the meantime, the export that generated your .yml configuration files, and the export used to test for changes, may have keys in a different order. That means false diffs. For some reason, some modules are particularly prone to this problem. Image styles are always a problem for me in particular.

This module lets you specify your problem modules in settings.php, and it will force CM to compare a deep-sorted version of the configs. Voila, no more false diffs!

Development is on Github.

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