Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Offers a new field type which accepts and stores a video file in Drupal, and queues it for automatic upload to Youtube. The file is displayed using the Youtube player. This is helpful when you want a youtube player, but also want access to the file, for example to:

* provide an alternative to the player
* show file metadata
* Offer the file as a part of a videocast

To use:

1) Add your youtube API credentials to admin/config/services/youtube-api , and click "save and authorize."
2) Agree to the Youtube request for permission. This gives Drupal permission to upload videos on your behalf.
3) Create a Youtube File Field on an entity of your choice.

When you upload a file to the field, it is queued for upload to Youtube on Cron, so it will not display until the upload is complete.

Since many video files are bigger than most php upload limits, this module supports file_resup module.

Note that when you delete a file from Drupal, this module does not (yet) delete it from Youtube!

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