Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

The module is designed to obviate the need to propagate the block of an IP address that is "offensive" across the managed websites portfolio. Whether the websites are hosted at a web agency, or by a third party supplier, or the customer itself among an internal infrastructure.

The aim is to provide a first, but essential, level of protection for those occasions when there is no access to the server.

The use of this module only prevents direct accessattacks to the web application. Services such as SSH, FTP or other, will remain unprotected and accessible to those blocked IP addresses.


  • Importing an IP list to be added to the existing one of those already banned (JSON format).

Roadmap Features

  • Chance to use cron and automate the import.
  • Enable the whitelist management to prevent the addition of certain IP.
  • For those who are using views, availability of a view for banned IP detection including adding/removing IP funcionality.
  • Choice of import format, JSON or CSV.


For any kind of request, please open an issue here.

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