Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Theme based on Twitter's Bootstrap theme that provides layouts for use with Panels and Panels Everywhere. It assumes a modified version of the Twitter Bootstrap CSS with 24 columns. Read Twitter's Bootstrap (D7 only) page for instructions and dependencies.

Currently we have five layouts. All the TBE Site template something layouts have two special regions besides header, footer, main and columns. The navigation section, where you should only put a menu and the hero section that is rendered inside a hero unit. If you leave header, footer and navigation empty you can actually use de TBE Site template layouts for any panel or minipanel, using only the columns. The TBE Row layout is just that, a Twitter Bootstrap row to use bootstrap grids inside applying the spanX classes to the panes.

Things are kind of harcoded right now, so it's not as flexible as it should, but it's usable. In the future I want to implement row, navigation, hero unit, etc. as styles, not into the layout templates.

Project Information