Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

NOTE: THIS MODULE IS NOW DEPRECATED in favor of the new 2.x branch of the Features Override module.

This module creates a new exportable feature called "Field Settings" that allows you to select one or more entity bundles and will export the current Display settings for that bundle to the feature. The exported feature will override the Display settings stored in other Field features.

This module requires the patches to Features listed in issue #1277854: Faciliate altering features, e.g., export field display settings separate from field data structure. Requires the patch in comment #48.


If you used previous versions of this sandbox, you will need to recreate all of your Field exports (to remove the old alter hooks) and recreate all of your Field Override exports (to change the name of the alter routines).

This module should be considered an example of the type of override functionality that is possible with the new Features alter hooks. A more general purpose module could be written to allow selection of which portions of the field to be overridden.

Rather than promoting this sandbox to a full Module, the work from this sandbox is being migrated into a new version of the Features Override module.

A tutorial blog article can be found here: http://www.agileapproach.com/blog-entry/new-paradigm-overriding-drupal-f...

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