Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This is an initial push for some test code and while it may work in a limited fashion it is not close to ready for prime-time.

There are several outstanding points of note:

  • A webform id is hard-coded for testing the module
  • Documentation is very limited throughout the code
  • Currently it is passing a Lead to the CRM, but not correctly

If you are working with the Campaigner/Landslide SOAP and would like to provide some pointers, I could sure use the help.

Install the module on a development site. The install file should create a table campaignercrm. Navigate to /admin/campaignercrm_service where you place your credentials. (The password is currently not hidden).

WARNING: When submitting this form it will attempt to connect automatically to the CampaignerCRM SOAP server. If you have a credential wrong you'll get an ugly error. If you get everything right the form will submit back onto itself with no message. Yep, it stuff is pre-alpha.

There is a webform hard-coded in the module for testing. Hopefully I'll have a spot of time to fix this soon.

CRM Operation Issue
I am not entirely sure how campaigner is supposed to work. I assumed a webform would be creating a Lead, however the corresponding fields are in Contact and Opportunity. I am awaiting confirmation on this CRM workflow, but for now it is adding a Lead with description data from the webform. Again, it is currently hard-coded for a specific webform

Project Information