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This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Screenshot showing the "Read more" option.

[Sandbox] Extends views to offer a 'read more' link on node-teasers.

By default, views will allow you to add node-links, but these are all or nothing: you get "Add comment", "Read more", etc.
This provides an alternative: a single read-more link for each view.

The option is found by:
- editing the view
- Choosing the "Content" format
- Changing the settings for the "Content" format (e.g. click the adjacent "Teaser" link)
- Checking the "Display read-more link" checkbox.

NB: This may be a crazy idea, there might already be a better way to do this...it's a sandbox - please feel free to comment/report issues, and if it's crazy it won't become a module :-)

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