Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This sandbox was merged back into the Search API Location project and is thus outdated now.

This is a fork of the Search API Location module. Comparison:

Major changes:

  • Removed all javascript functionality.
  • Geocoding now happens via Geocoder module, and is done on the backend when the search form is submitted.

Bug fixes:

Feature requests fulfilled:

I can add the google map back in, but I would so primarily for the sake of plotting results and geocoding dropped pins, but NOT geocoding address strings.

Follow issue here:#1798168: Major module modifications

My todo:

  • Allow 'user location' to be used rather than address string
  • Improve admin ui
  • Improve method for passing spatial data to Search API classes, this should:
    • Clean up URLs
    • Ensure that local data is not lost in facets
  • Integrate with Search API Sorts. Currently, this module overrides sort order by always prioritizing proximity
  • Integrate with Search API Facets such that facet results are limited by spatial restrictions. Possibly add location as a facet?
  • Integrate with Search API Autocomplete such that AC suggestions are limited by spatial restrictions
  • Integrate with Search API Spellcheck such that AC suggestions are limited by spatial restrictions
  • Optionally plot results on Gmap
  • #1812528: Add proximity/distance information to search results
  • Integrate with fledgling Services Search API -- integrated with fork of Services Search API
  • Integrate with fledgling Geocluster project

Todo from drunken monkey in #1798168: Major module modifications

  • Spatial option
    • Correct namespacing issues
      option should be properly namespaced, and therefore be called search_api_location, not just spatial
    • Allowing multiple location filters
      Make this an array of arrays.
    • Change radius parameter
      • Convert the radius to a defined uni t beforehand, not in each individual service class.
      • getting rid of the option and just defining some special handling for filters on location fields, for service classes which support the search_api_data_type_location feature
      • append the radius to the value. e.g., LAT,LON,RADIUS or the like (having operators other than = and <> would then be a bit useless, but that's a minor issue. You could define that other operators should just be ignored, or treated as <>).
    • Remove the radius units from the option
  • Processor
    • Replace with implementation of hook_search_api_query_alter(). This would allow more than one location field per index.
  • Check for server compatibility, and react appropriately.
    • warn the user that things will not work
    • degrade gracefully (the field will be indexed as a normal string and the query option, when present, ignored)
    • conditionally remove location configuration options (different Views handler, additional configuration for Pages)
  • Write necessary documentation.
  • Clean up coding standards violations, e.g., whitespace.

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