Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


Module package providing overrides for default Drupal Commerce behaviors allowing to use DC-based stores to create multiple-merchant marketplace (like Etsy, Amazon, etc).


Read more (and view some screenshots) in my Commerce Marketplace blog post series.

You might especially want to read the What's still on the to do list section, which lists tasks that need to be done before I consider moving the module out of its sandbox status and promoting it to the full project.

If you are looking for help with installation/configuration, or possible ways of using it, then you should read Commerce Marketplace: Installation and use cases.


Give it a try at http://demo-orhtgibbjfpmi.eu.platform.sh/ (now hosted on Commerce Guys' platform.sh).

Clone/download the marketplace install profile and set up an example marketplace site on your own machine quickly and easily!


If you want to help with its development, you can do that on GitHub - https://github.com/maciejzgadzaj/commerce_marketplace - either fork and pull, or talk to me first if you want to become a full collaborator. (How this works?)

Similar modules

  • farhadhf's Commerce Marketplace

    Note that machine name of farhadhf's module is exactly the same as mine, so you don't want to be testing both of them at the same time on the same site, as this would result in some unexpected behaviors, quite probably including breaking down your site.

    I would also advise against installing my module on the site where you tried out farhadhf's version before and then uninstalled it - information not verified in any way, but rumour has it that farhadhf's version does not uninstall cleanly. To be confirmed at some point, but I would suggest starting from a fresh install just in case.

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