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This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

The most powerful way to highlight events on your Drupal website.

  • Connect your self-hosted Drupal site to your Localist Calendar
  • Create event widgets on your Drupal site
  • Embed event widgets in posts, pages and themes

Finally, a calendar module that doesn't reinvent the wheel. No more syncing between dozens of different calendar systems. If you're a Localist customer, the Localist Calendar for Drupal module is all you need to share all the great events you're hosting without any further customization.

Help visitors learn about all your events without having to leave Drupal! The Localist Calendar for Drupal module makes highlighting events on your Drupal site simple. In just a few clicks you can create an event block that displays events from your Localist Calendar on any page on your site.

Other Drupal calendar modules want your whole website to be a calendar, but with the Localist Calendar for Drupal module, you can seamlessly integrate event listings on a single page. It’s perfect for Drupal admins looking for a simple way to list upcoming events from their Localist Calendar.


Install the Localist Calendar for Drupal module by clicking "Modules" then "Install new module" from your Drupal admin. Add the module via the Drupal module directory, or by uploading the files manually to your server. After becoming a Localist customer, use the module to connect to your calendar and enable event listing features.


How do I use the module?

After installing the Localist Calendar for Drupal module, you can begin setting up new widgets in the Localist Calendar section of your Drupal administration.

To begin, click Configuration in the navigation bar and click Localist Calendar in the System section. Paste in your Localist Calendar's URL and click Configure. Define your criteria, choose a name for the widget, then click Save as New Block. Once the block is added, you can add it to a page, post, or theme in the appropriate areas of Drupal by clicking Structure, then Blocks and scrolling down to find the block you created.



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All **Localist Calendar for Drupal** code is owned by Localist Corporation. Visit http://localist.com for more information.


If you need additional help, you can speak to a Localist expert via support@localist.com. Or by visiting our knowledge base at http://support.localist.com.

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