Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This is a fetcher for Feeds module that allows power users and developers to write custom PHP code that will be used to fetch data from remote sources.


Feeds PHP Fetcher is a fetcher for Feeds module that al lows power users to implement their own fetching mechanism. User can paste PHP code into textarea, verify that it is correct and returns correct results and save the code. Then he should configure parser and processor so that it will create content according to needs.

Your custom PHP code should always return string. This string can contain CSV-formatted data (for use with CSV parser), serialized PHP array (for use with Feeds PHP array parser module) or any other format required by your parser.



Please take a look at this blog post.


Developed by Lukasz Klimek (http://www.klimek.ws). Sponsored by FreeFox.


For commercial support, please contact me.

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