Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

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Leap motion Module

Leap Motion is a controller that senses how you naturally move your hands and keep track of your fingers, hands, motions, gestures, etc. Leap Motion let the user control many things like videogames, hardware widgets, websites, etc thanks to the SDK that supports many programming languages.

This module uses the LeapJS library to let you control your Drupal site with the Leap Motion controller. The current basic actions you can do with the controller are:

  • Scroll: Using the Circle Gesture you can scroll into your Drupal website by enabling this module.
  • Click: Using the ScreenTap Gesture click on any Anchor, Tab, Button or any other CTA on you Drupal website, you'll see a separate pointer on your Drupal Website using your finger with the Leap Controller

Also, by Enabling this module you can start developing your own JavaScript files that uses the LeapJS SDK


  • Add LEAP connection status on the configuration page to show if the device is ready, connected or disconnected
  • Add property on the configuration page so the user can select to toggle on and off the module stylesheets that makes buttons larger and bigger for LEAP motion tapping


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