Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This module helps you by providing a range of buttons and standard texts to work on drupal.org issues.


A thread can be found here on g.d.o


There are thousands of issues on drupal.org. Core and the common modules have loads of issues on their own. And a lot of them are not easily understandable, well written or are simply forgotten about.

To make it easier for everybody we can provide an easy workflow and standards to clean up those issues. This grease monkey provides you an array of big buttons and preset text you can rely on.

How to use

Warning this is still a sandbox!

If all works well install greasemonkey and just click on this link.

If not you will have to download / clone the project and call the Issue_Helper.user.js from your local filesystem.

My Opinion and Experience

I started to work on the issue queues of views and i18n. They are so incredibly large you basically can't maintain them anymore. I quickly figured that I should start digging in the oldest issues and that there are so many you can just close straight away. Especially support issues.

In my humble opinion all support issues that are older than 3 weeks should be closed automatically. No I don't hate you! It is just that there are so many issues that are abandoned that this can be easily done automatically. I hope I can get the d.o team to implement this but currently this gm script is the best option to me and I want to contribute it.

I started doing that and had to write the same stuff over and over again. Most support issues are "major". Some assigned to the poster. It took around 30 seconds to work on such an issue and just close it with a text.

Than I created a standard text but still had to click like a maniac. So I came to the idea that I can just automate the process.

Now > 300 closed issues later I can tell you that there is only 1% that still reply to those closed issues. Around 5 posts where a rant against my doing. Only one was bad like "You are excluding me from the community by closing my 2 years old feature request." Well views maintainer told him I am supposed to do that and I will close the same issue again in some months.

So my experience with the procedure is very good! All maintainers I helped out just loved it to see you can just close hundreds of issues. Building a contrib script is just the next step.

Default texts

There was a discussion about the text in the German community. The text was check a lot of times. And by now I used it a lot of times. So I think the is okay to use and not offending. Most people wouldn't even recognize it as a standard so I added a link to this sandbox at the end of the script.


  • This script could / should be added to dreditor.
  • Provide a button and a text for postponing.
  • Provide a button and a text for "needs more info"
  • Provide a button and a text for "Steps to reproduce"
  • Button for "Standard Issue summary blue draft" paste
  • Maybe autoclose issues by ahah from the issue listing. But than again I could write a real crawler or bug the d.o team to do this on cron.
  • Make all this pluggable which is difficult with grease monkey alone.
  • Maybe write a chrome plugin so we can use local storage and bring more stuff to administer the issuequeue.

Project information