Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This is a spin-off from #2351991: Add a config entity for a configurable, topic-based help system.

On that issue, a new configuration entity was proposed for Drupal 8 Core, which would allow site builders, module developers, and theme developers to use the Drupal administrative UI to define, share, and deploy help topics. See the issue summary for details.

That patch initially didn't make the 8.0.x deadline, so this Sandbox module was spun off to continue development.

During the 8.1.x cycle, part of the original sandbox here was spun off into core issue #2661200: Make admin/help page more flexible, and list tours on it, which allowed core and contrib modules to add sections to the main admin/help page. The rest of the project here, however, missed the 8.1.x deadline.

During the 8.2.x cycle, the patch author (jhodgdon) decided to stop trying to pursue getting it into Core, at least for the present.

The plan is to release this as a full Contrib module, possibly. If anyone is interested in (a) having this as a contrib module or (b) helping to maintain it, contact https://www.drupal.org/u/jhodgdon and let her know, or file an issue in this project's issue queue.

Current status

(This section last updated 6 June 2016)

The module is working, and has automated tests, which all pass. The branch to use is 8.x-1.x. However, it's a sandbox, and may not be completely stable.

You might check the issue list to see what still needs to be done. I may promote it to a full project when I think it's stable enough to use, or when I think there are enough core Help topics written to be useful (see #2687107: Write some core help topics for that).

Project Information