Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Terms TagIt can enable js tagging styles for any taxonomy term reference fields. Allowing users to easily identify separate tags and remove tags on click.

Terms can be added when hitting comma, enter or onblur. The ability to have a drop down list of terms can be enabled or disabled.


1. Download the Tags Input library into your libraries folder /sites/all/libraries
2. Enable the terms_tagit module
3. Add term reference field type for any content type widget: Autocomplete term widget
4. In the field configuration enable TagIt on this field under the Tag It collapsable

Developed within Awesome Day.

Terms TagIt allows users to use tagging format for term reference autocomplete fields. This enhances the overall user experience with usage.

Project information

  • caution Maintenance fixes only
    Considered feature-complete by its maintainers.
  • Module categories: Taxonomy