Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

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This is a tool for previewing markdown as you type. It is NOT intended to be any sort of WYSIWYG. One feature of markdown syntax is that you can compose content quickly without taking your hands off the keyboard. This module provides a split pane or tab for previewing markdown. Markdown combined with a decent style guide (trust your style guide), should have you composing presentable content easily and efficiently.

Other Requirements

The Libraries API is required. This module does not contain a text filter. The Markdown Filter module can handle the final processing for you.

A Markdown previewer for drupal filter formats (Requires Markdown)

A markdown previewer for the markdown filter. Requires the markdown module, the libraries api as well as the pagedown js from http://code.google.com/p/pagedown/source/checkout. A git version may be available here: https://github.com/ujifgc but I have not verified the copy.

Currently works with the pagedown library.

I would like to use a wrapper so we could also use the marked library. That would give users a choice and let us compare the performance of both systems.

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