Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Entity Share is an all in one module allowing you to share some entities like node, field collection, taxonomy, medias etc between different Drupal instances.

Drupal 8

A drupal 8 version is in development and it uses the JSON API module.

Currently we do not handle the synchronization of config entities and users.

To handle taxonomy hierarchy, a patch on Drupal core is required #2543726-96: [PP-1] Make $term->parent behave like any other entity reference field.

How does it work ?

The principle of this module is to generate some export from one instance and to send this exported datas to a remote Drupal using a server that will import the datas.

The limitation there is that you MUST have exactly the same content types, field_collections, taxonomy vocabularies between all your instances. This module manage the export of contents, not of structures (you can use features module to synchronise your structure for example).

You can just use the module for its Export and Import Entity API.


  • Import/Export Entities
  • Scald Atoms
    • Atom reference
    • Embedded Atoms in RTE
  • Field Collection
  • Taxonomy terms
  • Files
  • Entity Reference (coming soon)
  • Extendable to implement new field type


Requires PHP 5.3+

Depends on

Application review


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