Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Workbench State Permissions provides additional permissions for each Workbench state. Here's example for the 'Draft' state:
- Each Workbench state:
- Draft: View all content
- Draft: Edit all content
- Draft: Delete all content
- Each Workbench state for user's own content:
- Draft: View own content
- Draft: Edit own content
- Draft: Delete own content
- And new permissions for own Workbench Moderation transitions:
- Moderate own content from Draft to Needs Review
- Moderate own content from Needs Review to Draft
- Moderate own content from Needs Review to Published

As seen above, this adds very very many new permissions into the game and some additional complexity for the module at the same. That's why this would need much more testing.

This module was written for a need but didn't need this at the end. So this might work on some parts but is still a work-in-progress and needs more testing (and implementation). Decided to put this up if someone wants to contribute working on this.

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