Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

The Quick Views Display List is a quick and dirty list of all views and their associated displays. It is beneficial to views that have many displays. Each view hyperlink links to the main view page and each display hyperlink links to its tab so editing of the display can be further edited.

Sometimes, getting to the exact display takes between 3 to 5 clicks, so this module was created to simplify number of clicks and access the exact display you need. Also, for long display names, the tabs are usually cut off, so this list is great for that purpose.

From GIT


For Views In Code

The module will not only find views in the database, but also views that are exported to code. In order coded views to be listed, the code must reside in an external file with "VIEW_NAME.views_default.inc", which is the standard way of using exported views. The view must also implement hook_views_api() in a module related to each coded view.

Available As A Page Or Block

For troubleshooting purposes during development of any Drupal website, a block is also available, but for better security, the list can be accessed in the Development section of the Configuration page.

Required Modules


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