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This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Tencent QQ, generally referred to as QQ, is the most popular free instant messaging computer program in mainland China. As of July 11, 2011, the active QQ users accounts for QQ IM totaled 812.3 million,possibly making it the world's second largest online community. The number of simultaneous online QQ accounts exceeded 100 million. In February 2011, QQ.com ranked 10th overall in the Alexa Internet rankings just behind Twitter ranked 9th.


OAuth (Open Authorization) is an open standard for authorization.OAuth allows users to hand out tokens instead of credentials to their data hosted by a given service provider. Each token grants access to a specific site or specific resources and for a defined duration. This allows a user to grant a third party site access to their information stored with another service provider, without sharing their access permissions or the full extent of their data.


The QQ module based on OAuth protocol with QQ Login application. It allows qq acount to log in drupal.You can apply the QQ Login application for your site by http://connect.qq.com/intro/login. View more api document,please click Tencent Open Platform.Now,the QQ module for drupal7. Besides drupal 6 version is ok, but it is not commited in drupal.org until the drupal7 one is published.

Apply the QQ Login application Steps:

  1. Open http://connect.qq.com/intro/login
  2. Verify your site,copy certain code in you web page head tag part. eg.my site code <meta property="qc:admins" content="1543255227642501453526727" />
  3. Edit basic information of your application,incude site name,url,description,logo,login page,callback page...
  4. Take APP ID and KEY of your application
  5. Apply for online your application
  6. Passed your apllication.END

QQ模块是基于QQ登录应用OAuth协议。本模块允许QQ账户登录drupal。你可以在http://connect.qq.com/intro/login 为你的网站申请QQ登录应用。查看更多API文档,请浏览腾讯开放平台


  1. 打开 http://connect.qq.com/intro/login
  2. 验证你的网站,复制指定的代码到网页head标签部分,如我的站点代码 <meta property="qc:admins" content="1543255227642501453526727" />
  3. 编辑你的应用基本信息,包括网站名称、地址、描述、logo、登录页面,返回页面等等......
  4. 获取你的应用APP ID和KEY
  5. 你的应用上线申请
  6. 申请被通过。完成。
  • Module Demo: drupaluser.org
  • Author: Hejinlong , Drupal Beijing meetup organizer & Drupaluser.org founder

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