Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This turns a text field into a JSON-formatted field, for both viewing and editing.

You can customize the display, and editing capabilities of the field.
Unlike other projects, this aims to allow non-developer accessibility by converting the JSON data into standard fields for editing content. This makes use of of json-editor.

Use cases:
* You need to store hierarchical data who's schema may change between nodes/entities.
* You are capturing an object via an API, and need a way to store it that will not break.
* You need to edit data with a flexable schema.

* This does not expose the data within the JSON to views or other mechanisms for performance reasons.
* There is some work to be done to render the fields as per Drupal's markup, as the fields may look strange in some themes currently. We are using Bootstrap 3 as a fall-back, and this is not ideal as it doesn't mesh well with other themes even when isolating it.

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