Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This project has been deprecated as the Skrollr library was dropped by the author.


There is a growing need for our clients to have various "parallax effects" added to existing Drupal sites.
This has been traditionally done at the theme level, ad-hoc, on an as-needed basis.
Unfortunately that has resulted in ugly implementations that become tedious for developers
that may inherit a project down the line.

This module attempts to make the delivery of parallax effects as simple as possible,
using Skrollr, and Skrollr-stylesheets.

This will allow you to add any number of cool "Parallax Effects" to your theme by simply
modifying your CSS. This keeps "design" in "design" where it belongs, and out of your markup and javascript.

This module is based entirely on Prinzhorn's amazing Skrollr project
Numerous examples are available here.

Why did I name this "Parallax Effects" instead of "Skrollr"?
1. There was already a Skrollr project, but it doesn't include enough configurability for the brands I work with.
2. A future UI companion module for configuration and effects that go way beyond including javascript.
3. Many people have no idea what "Skrollr" is, even though it's the best in it's class, and I hope to make it more popular.


  • Configure basic settings of Skrollr.
  • Optionally insert an ID on the body field for mobile compatibility.
  • Configure which plugins of Skrollr to enable.
  • Configure usage based on pages or node types (similar interface to block configuration)

Once installed, you can add various parallax effects by either modifying your markup, or by editing your stylesheets at the theme level (preferred).

For further instructions read the basics here and then how to apply them in stylesheets.


In the future I'd like to add the ability to configure effects without editing markup or stylesheets, but that may be done as a Parallax Effects UI module.

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