Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Creates "Add new @content_type" links on nodes in the node links section.

This module is currently awaiting approval. It's stable and version 1.0 will be available as soon as it is approved.

The problem: You are using Entity Reference field on Content Type B to reference Content Type A. You visit a Node of Content Type A, and would like to create a Node of Content Type B without having to specify which Content Type A node to reference on the create form. You use Entity Reference prepopulate to make your form select a parent through the URL, but it is up to you to generate the links that generate the right query parameters based on your Node.

The solution: When viewing a specific Node of a Content Type that can be referenced by another Content Type, a link is generated in the node links section to create that Content Type with the proper arguments for Entity Reference prepopulate.

Please note that only Node entities are affected by this module. The main reason behind this is because nodes provide the ideal layout location for the link placement and its hook_node_view. This aspect should be extended to any entity in the future. The create links are generated to add nodes, but not other entities. In the future, entity by entity support will be provided by providing an api.

This module requires Entity Reference prepopulate.

Installation & Configuration:

  1. Download & Enable
  2. Select a field to edit
  3. Enable Entity reference prepopulate & configure
  4. Enable Entity reference prepopulate node links
  5. Select the Content Types which will display the links


Views support (see #1490110: Views support).
Expose each enabled content type links as a view field in the same fashion that node exposes links to view, edit and delete the node.

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