Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


Exposes the CollegiateLink API to Drupal.

The following CollegiateLink API resources are accessible:

  • organization/list
  • organization/roster
  • user/memberships
  • user/position
  • event/list


Modules settings can be configured at:
Drupal 6 - /admin/settings/collegiatelink-api
Drupal 7 - /admin/config/collegiatelink-api

CollegiateLink API URL is specific to your organization. It should your organization's CollegiateLink implementation, followed by "/ws" at the end of the URL. It should be something like https://collegiatelink.your-school.edu/ws

CollegiateLink API keys are issued on a per-server basis. If you have multiple web servers you will need an API key for all of them. The CollegiateLink API modules supports environments that have multiple servers. In the API Settings textarea, enter all information for a single server on one line in this form:
server1.example.com|server1's IP|server1's API Key|server1's Shared Key

Each additional server should be on its own line. It should look something like this:
server1.example.com|server1's IP|server1's API Key|server1's Shared Key
server2.example.com|server2's IP|server2's API Key|server2's Shared Key
serverN.example.com|serverN's IP|serverN's API Key|serverN's Shared Key



// Retrieves all events.
$events = collegiatelink_api_get_complete_event_list();
// Retrieves a list of events in a given date range.
$start_date = strtotime('2012-11-01 00:00:00');
$end_date = strtotime('2012-11-05 23:59:59');
$events = collegiatelink_api_get_event_list($start_date, $end_date)


// Retrieves a list of the organizations that a user is a member of.
$collegiatelink_user_id = 123456;
$users = collegiatelink_api_get_user_membership($collegiatelink_user_id);
// Retrieves a list of the users who occupy a position based on a position template in the various organizations.
$position_template_name = 'President';
$users = collegiatelink_api_get_user_position($position_template_name);


// Retrieves a list of all organizations regardless of status.
$organizations = collegiatelink_api_get_organization_list();
// Retrieves a list of all the members for the specified organization.
$collegiatelink_organization_id = 123456;
$members = collegiatelink_api_get_organization_roster($collegiatelink_organization_id);

Project information

  • caution Maintenance fixes only
    Considered feature-complete by its maintainers.