Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This is intended to be a fun little module of no Core or commercial use.

A standalone module for creating and assigning Rank and Decorations. The module relates to gaming groups or clans that want to organize their members and assign awards pins.

The module is intended to be administered by a superuser who can add and remove clan members to his Clan Roster. Manage the definitions of 'ranks' and 'awards' that can be assigned to clan members.

Authorized non-superusers may see their clan's roster as accessed from a navigation link.

From README.txt

A simple module for creating a relationship between your site's users and their
clan affiliation. Information related to when the user entered the clan, his/her
(a military like) 'rank', awards and accommodations (think pins, badges, or

In concept we assign a 'rank' to a user (i.e. 'Private') and award a medal for
participation in a certain activity (i.e. 'North Africa Campaign').

The module has two major view types.

1. Maintenance. The maintenance view exposes the ability to create, modify, and
delete 'ranks' and 'awards'. Both rank and award definitions contain a name,
description, and an (optional) image. Award definition contains a priority
value field for sorting purposes.
2. Clan Member. A listview to display all users that have been assigned a rank
that includes the 'awards' graphics. And a user detail view that provides
details of the user.

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