Experimental Project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Brings the power of Google website Translate into Drupal, providing an instant translated version of your site's text, content + other text elements.
Convert any menu link into a google translate switch, that, on click, will show a dropdown with configured language. This way we keep a lean user interface for those who do not need the translation option.
Provides an administration interface to allow users to activate languages, display modes and a disclaimer text. (TODO: make disclaimer text optional, Still needs perms definitions for the Admin UI).

See other Google Translate documentation for more options on improving the translation results.
Optionally this module also provides a block.


  • Add a new link to any menu
  • Add any text to the title
  • Add this placeholder to the path:
  • To configure, go to: /admin/config/system/google-translate


Google Translate

This project is sponsored by Phase2 Technology.

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