Experimental Project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Atlas theme as seen on the Prometheus installation profile.

Atlas is a starter theme for Drupal websites that is designed as a starting point for designers and frontend developers who have some knowledge of Drupal theming. It is meant to take care of some common theming tasks as well as remove Drupal's CSS and markup bloat.

It's the theme included with the Prometheus installation profile and uses Sass and Compass for help with the CSS chores. You can see it in action on the demo site for Prometheus.

The Sass files are structured according to SMACSS principles which means the rules are divided up in a modular way - one for views, one for blocks, etc. This makes things much more maintainable and if you don't like the way I've handled something, you can easily chuck the file and replace it with your own without touching the rest.

On the TODO list:

  • Add Gulp tasks
  • Remove some of the Prometheus related CSS
  • Improve according to the feedback I get

Project Information