Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Distribution of the DrupalTV platform.

The goal is the Drupal TV project is to create a single destination site (running on Drupal, of course) for all Drupal related video, from all the recorded Drupalcon sessions (which have all been recorded since Drupalcon Boston 2008) to recordings of sessions at all the various regional camps around the world.

Drupal TV is an aggregator of this media content and does not provide hosting for it. It mainly serves so that it can all be easily foind in one place. (which could be found at drupal.org/tv.) The content itself is hosted at sites such as archive.org. (For a more complete list of sites to be aggregated, please see below.)

The Drupal TV project was originally proposed in response to the Drupal Associations RFP for a Drupal video aggregation site that would be found at drupal.org/tv.

The Drupal TV project is inspired by and dedicated to the contributions and work of Aaron Winborn, the prolific Drupal contributer who was struck with ALS who is much loved by the entire Drupal community.

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