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What is Ubercart Payment After Checkout?

Ubercart Payment After Checkout (uc_payafter) is an extension for the Ubercart e-commerce platform for Drupal that creates a second checkout process. The second checkout can be configured independently from the normal Ubercart checkout process, allowing users to perform payments on their orders after having checked out on your site using the URL cart/checkout/pay/ORDER_ID.

This is ideal for use cases like a payment system where users are sent invoices with a payment link included, or for stores where shipping costs may be variable and users must be given a quote before proceeding to order payment.


The module is available for both Drupal 6+Ubercart 6.x-2.x and Drupal 7+Ubercart 7.x-3.x.


Below is a full-length list of features:

  • Enables URLs in the form of cart/checkout/pay/ORDER_ID so customers can complete payments on orders after the checkout process.
  • Creates a second, "payment" checkout with independently configurable checkout pane settings as well as "payment" checkout messages configurable at admin/store/settings/checkout/edit.
  • Store administrators may choose to email users different invoice templates after checkout and after payment. Adds new conditional actions for "payment" checkout completion, and by default triggers the 'customer' and 'admin' template emails when payment checkout completes (see configuration below for more information).

Note for Drupal 7 users: Please see apply the patch from #2323681: Call drupal_alter() to allow other modules to alter tax calculation if you wish to configure uc_payafter for use with Ubercart's tax rates.

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