Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Module connect FullAJAX library to Drupal that allow use AJAX/AHAH technology on the Drupal sites without advanced knowledges.

Fullajax = AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) + AHAH (Asynchronous HTML and HTTP).


  1. install libraries module
  2. download FullAJAX library and put it in to /sites/all/libraries/fullajax/fullajax.js
  3. install and enable Add FullAJAX module
  4. go to module configuration and enter there the right CSS content id from you real template, and set position where displayed the main content, it important for right content rendering
  5. now go to front page and check, now you have the full AJAX'd site ;)

Note for the default drupal template "bartik": Enable "Aggregate and compress CSS files" or use the option "seal:true" in FullAJAX configuration (just find FLAX.Filter.add({url:'/', id:addFullAjaxId}); and change to FLAX.Filter.add({url:'/', id:addFullAjaxId, seal: true}); ). It need for fix the css conflicts that can happen in this template after request

How it works

FullAJAX library will wrap all links and forms on site, that matched defined filter(s) and after click on it will do request on server, where the "Add FullAJAX" module will render the answer based on request and module settings.

More advanced

  • you can disable this module for some themes, recommend disable for the admin theme
  • you can enable block update, because basically updates only content
  • you can ignore some links using FLAX.Filter: FullAJAX
  • more on: FullAJAX and here

Project information