Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Expose facets to be displayed using views.

Presently has two submodules:

FacetAPI Views Widget

Provides a simple base layer for the values from a single facet. You can create a view. In the standard Facet API widget selector you can then select this view display to render the facet values. FacetAPI exposes this as the standard widget blocks.

FacetAPI Views Combined

Adds a new widget type: Views Data. All enabled facets (clear cache after enabling) will be available to a new views base 'table'. Use the table to create your views of the facet data, and use views to display them. You still need to ensure that the search is executed on this page.

Further development

The module is presently meeting the immediate requirement: exposing what would otherwise be in the render array to views. Basically using views as a display render configuration. The related facet default URI are also exposed to views, leaving it to the person configuring the view to make it clickable. Further feature requests may involve actually integrating sort, or filter.

Project information