Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


Drupella File Manager Lite:

Drupella FM is a web-based file manager that has a drag & drop user interface powered by AJAX. The lite version has limited features.


  • File operations: Upload, Delete, Move
  • Folder operations: none
  • Multiple file upload
  • Upload progress
  • Mouse indicators for move permissions during drag & drop.
  • File sorting by name, size, date, type
  • Switching between icon view and list view
  • Small footprint with overall 100kb javascript. (30kb gzipped)
  • Very fast javascript DOM rendering. A folder containing 10000 files takes only a few seconds to render.
  • Configuration profiles per user roles
  • Configurable limits: upload file size, disk quota, file extensions, image dimensions
  • Multiple personal or shared folders for users
  • Token support in folder names
  • File permissions per folder
  • Support for inline image & file link insertion into textareas
  • Integration with WYSIWYG module, CKEditor module, and BUEditor
  • Custom wysiwyg plugins for inserting multiple images or files into editor content
  • Support for private file system
  • Allow FTP uploaded files in file/image fields using the included dfm_filefield module
  • Support for custom stream wrappers like Amazon S3


  1. Download library files and module files. Check the download section below
  2. Place the library directory into sites/all/libraries, so the structure would be like sites/all/libraries/dfm_lite/core/...
  3. Place the module directory into sites/all/modules and install it as usual.
  4. Create configuration profiles and assign them to user roles at /admin/config/media/dfm
  5. Users can access the file manager at /dfm. Non default file systems can be accessed at dfm/SCHEME
  6. Enable Drupella FM for File Field module if you want to select files from Drupella FM for your image/file fields. You must check the Allow users to select files from Drupella FM for this field option in your field's configuration page.
  7. If you want to upgrade to full version just copy the full module folder over the existing one.


View demo (Note this is a full demonstration which may include features that are not available in the lite version.)

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