Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

The Webform module does not have a 'password' field type because the author feels that it is a security risk and that it should be separated from the module itself. Thus this module exists. This module is designed to work with Webform 3.x ONLY. It will not support Webform 2.x.

Security implications: Yes you really need to read this stuff lol
There is NO encryption on data saved by this field type!!! It is saved in plain text right in the DB so be careful how you display this field. You CAN encrypt the pw yourself if you use the webform hook called: hook_webform_submission_presave(). Add this to a module of your own and you can modify the value before it's saved to the DB. You can find docs on how to use this hook in the webform module dir in a file called webform_hooks.php along with other hooks.

This module does NOT do any type of password strength validation. Thats up to you! The only thing this module does is allow you to set a field to a password field and thats it. NOTHING ELSE. It has zero brains as what you do with this password field is completely up to you (Its basically a textfield that is displayed differently, nothing more). The drupal Password validation JS IS added in for you to utilize (you can viewsource with any web browser and see the pw JS in the head area), but the module itself does not actually utilize it.

Once this module has been tested, I MIGHT promote it to a full fledged module, but for now I am leaving it sandboxed so that curious people dont see it and try to use it. I only want people using this module who have read the webform issue queue about the lack of a password field for right now. If we determine that this module is ok to release, we might un-sandbox it.

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