Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


This module adds «Gmap» component to Webform.
This component allows you to mark the location using the Google map.
Also below the map can be displayed autocomplete address field.

Component settings:

  1. You can set the width and height of the map.
  2. You can set the markers limit.
  3. You can upload your icon marker for map.
  4. You can set the initial map coordinates.
  5. You can disable/enable autocomplete address field.



  1. Download module.
  2. Unzip to folder 'sites/all/modules'.
  3. Enable module.

The alternative for Drupal 6:

Webform gmap - This module adds a "Map location" component to a webform, which gives users the ability to pick a location from the map by dragging a marker.

Support Requests:

Please always use the project issue tracker to report bugs, support and/or feature requests.

When you open issues please open one issue for each problem/request don't bundle several issues into one submission. Please search the queue and read the handbook pages before opening duplicate issues!

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