Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This functionality was merged back into the main CacheTags module's 7.x-2.x branch, please focus all efforts there.

This is a friendly fork of Cache Tags. The intention is to merge as much as possible into the original project!

This sandbox projects contains three major changes. The 7.x-1.x branch is tracking the original project. The master branch is tracking all the changes made in this sandbox.

Here is a description of all the individual feature branches:

1. New core patch and support for tagging of the page cache

Can be tracked in the cache-inc branch, here.

Issue in the original project: #1341306: New core patch and support for tagging of the page cache

The problem with the original approach is that parts of the required functionality lives in the patch and other parts lives in DrupalCacheTags.inc which can't be included in a sustainable way. Everything needs to live in cache.inc.

So, instead of patching cache.inc, this sandbox project includes a core patch that makes cache.inc pluggable (as in Drupal 6). This way, we can add what really belongs to cache.inc for this new functionality. This also makes it easier to track changes in the project, and the core patch will stay more consistent.

This branch also includes support for tagging the page cache with:


2. Varnish support

Can be tracked in the varnish branch, here.

Issue in the original project: #1341322: Support for tagging and invalidating the Varnish cache

With the changes from the cache-inc branch it's now possible to purge the Varnish cache with cache tags.

3. Supported contrib modules

Can be tracked in the contrib branch, here.

Issue in original project: #1322236: Integration with contrib (entitycache, diff, nodequeue and panels)

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