Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This module provides migration source plugins and migration templates to migrate Drupal 6 webforms amd webform submissions to Drupal 8 YAML Forms and YAML Form Submissions. It should be installed in the normal way before the D6 to D8 migration is built.

The migration reads the webform tables in the D6 install and creates YAML forms by converting each webform component into its YAML component.

As part of the this migration the webform source plugin will attempt to add a YAML form reference field to the webform content type and attach each migrated YAML form to the relevant webform node.

Not Yet Included
Support for the following webform features are not yet included in the migration:

  1. Webform tokens such as %date
  2. Webform templates (because they generally contain tokens)
  3. Conditional field logic
  4. Any features of webform related projects

Drupal 7
Drupal 7 support is not yet available but the webform tables in D6 and D7 are very similar so a D7 version should be fairly easy to create. If anybody knows any database table differences between D6 and D7 then please create an issue for them.


The v8.2 dependency is because of the requirement for the postImport and postRollback functions inside the source migration plugin.

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