Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

The kss_styleguide module is a wrapper to render a KSS-node styleguide within Drupal header and footer.

KSS-Node renders a styleguide by parsing SASS comments. See: https://github.com/kss-node/kss-node


Kss styleguide will be rendered the fixed url /styleguide for everyone with "access content" permission. You may change this in kss_styleguide.routing.yml.

The KSS HTML output is just split apart. Make sure you KSS-Template containing the following HTML Comments

split_start: <!-- BODY START -->
split_end: <!-- BODY END -->

The styleguide source must be a kss rendered template residing in themes/git_repos/donkeymedia_theme/styleguide.

You may adapt these values in kss_styleguide.settings.yml BEFORE enabling the module (or reinstall if you read this now ;) )

Please note that there are some (currently hardcoded) references to kss css and javascript files in the template html--kss_styleguide.html.twig

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