Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


The module provides a way to disable some hooks for specific modules via the
settings.php. So defaults of views or panels can be removed and can be exported
to a feature with the same machine name.

The module can also be used to disable other hooks, like form_alter.

A general rule for using this module: Only use it if you are aware of the


// Disable default configurations of several modules for several hooks to remove
// them from the installation or make them exportable via features.
$conf['disable_defaults'] = array(
  // Entityform shall not take full control over aliases and menu links.
  'entity_presave' => array(
  'flag_default_flags' => array(
  // We want to have all our image styles defined in our features.
  'image_default_styles' => array(
  // Avoid that file_entity and media override features exported file display
  // settings.
  'file_default_displays_alter' => array(
  // Make default file type settings exportable via features.
  'file_default_types' => array(
  // Remove the default views from contrib modules, that are not used or will be
  // overwritten in features.
  'views_default_views' => array(

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