Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This module provides a way to export feature’s exports to multiple yml files
located in the feature’s config folder. It is only exported for reference.


The module can be used with drush in two ways:

  • Using drush features-update-yaml modulename to directly invoke the config
    creation for that single module.
  • Using feature’s drush features-update modulename. So the config folder will
    automaticall be created after that features update command was executed.


It therefore uses the symfony Yaml component (currently 2.2.0) which is
located in lib/symfony/yaml. For each single component (e.g. a single view)
a single yml file is created. The content of that is only a representation of
the original features export, as that is parsed from the php-strings created by
the featuresexportrender_hooks. For fetching nested values and objects the
ExportObject and ExportMethod classes are used to create the export structure.

The exported yml files could be used to better track changes of features, as
less merge conflicts will occur, because each single component has its own file
and the exported yaml format is better to read.

With some more effort it maybe would be possible to reimport from those config
files, but that will not be part of this project/sandbox.


Project Information