Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

This module creates a new field type that uses views to generate the list of available options for a field.

The benefit of this is any information that a view can query (only fields at the moment - not nodes) can be used as the option list. The field settings also require you to set a display and storage field from the view, enabling you to display a list of one field and store another. For example, You could have a view that shows a list of articles filtered by nodes the current user has flagged. You could have a select list to show all the article titles - you could then store the uid (Author uid) as the value in that field.

current issues

  • Defaults NOT being populated, Need a reliable way of making sure value of list is unique and making sure it can pull a defualt value
  • Storage of field settings is currently messy (In field_settings_form_alter too)
  • Settings form ajax, Need to populate default when there are no settings
  • Select lists can only be populated from single value elements from views_get_view_results() and will not show anything if there are no results for the view yet!

Project information