Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

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CustomerICare free live chat module for Drupal 6 and 7.

The module is a free application to chat with visitors on your website. The plugin adds a beautiful live chat box that allows text, audio and video, sending files plus web analytics.

More information

http://customericare.com/knowledgebase/live-chat-drupal/ Visit our website to learn how to get started.


How do I start?
After you install the plugin and create an account you simply log on to app.customericare.com. Then you can monitor your website’s visitors and chat with them!

Is it free?
Yes it is. You can also use premium features if you’re a power user!

How many agents can I have?
You can add as many agents as you want.

Can I change the color of the chat box?
Sure you can. Log on to the Settings in your app.customericare.com and choose colors that fit your Drupal website.

Do I have to use programming to install this live chat plugin?
Absolutely not. All it takes is a few clicks in the plugin menu.

Can I use it on all my Drupal pages?
Yes! Just install the plugin on both of them and use the same account. It will allow you to monitor and chat with visitors from both websites.

Can I use my picture or change the logo?
You can do that. It’s a simple upload in the CustomerICare app.

Does customericare live chat keep chat history?
Yes, chat history is kept.

What happens when I’m not online?
The chat box turns into a leave a message form where visitors can leave their e-mail and question.

Can I use CustomerICare live chat outside of Drupal?
Yes. You can simply add the code into another page.

Does it support canned responses?
Yes. We recently added a feature called Quick Responses for fast answers. Use them by clicking # when chatting.

Is there a one time payment option?
No, however we're considering this model. Let us know please if this is something for you!

Can I translate the chat box?
Yes! We are rolling out new languages. Currently available include:

* German
* English
* Polish
* Spanish
* Russian
* French

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