Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


This module enables you to get and show purolator shipping cost estimates on checkout of Drupal Commerce orders. The estimates are based on the location of shipper, ship to location, physical weight of the order and type of packaging.

Physical (physical fields)
Commerce shipping (including ‘Shipping UI’)

To use this module, the products on your site must have a weight field. The module ‘Physical’; mentioned above provides physical fields. Apply for Purolator API credentials at Purolator.com. To add the weight field to your product, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Home » Administration » Store » Products.
  2. Click the ‘product types’ tabs of the overlay.
  3. Click the ‘manage fields’ link and add a field with machine name ‘field_weight’ and use the field type ‘Physical weight’. The widget for this field would be ’Weight textfield’.
  4. Save the field and then the product type.
  5. Install and enable the Purolator module and the dependency modules. You would find the Purolator in ‘commerce (shipping)’ section of modules list.
  6. After installation you would see message on checkout page that will provide you direct link to configure the Purolator. Otherwise, you may find configurations form in this location ‘Store » Configuration » Shipping’ and click ‘edit’ in front of Purolator.
  7. To set up destinations for you shipments using Purolator, click the link provided on this form. Please provide a Location for Canada, a location for US and a location for any other place. Examples are provided at bottom of the document.
  8. Download wsdl file from Purolator when you register your self on purolator. Then add the wsdl in libraries folder with name "commerce_purolator_shipping" and in this folder copy wsdl file like this commerce_purolator_shipping/dev/* and commerce_purolator_shipping/prod/*.
git clone --recursive --branch 7.x-1.x cog-axis@git.drupal.org:sandbox/cog-axis/1800756.git commerce_purolator_shipping
cd commerce_purolator_shipping

Developed by Cognitive Axis and Sponsored by Creation Studio.


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